Open Knowledge Archive Token

ARCH Token

A digital asset management system for decentralised and democratised storage of the world’s open knowledge, archived on the blockchain.

Distributed Open Knowledge


By utilising distributed technologies such as IPFS, Swarm and OrbitDB, assets and metadata are available anywhere, anytime.



Using decentralised technologies ensures the archive doesn’t rely on a single, centralised storage mechanism, i.e. a single point of failure.

Open Access  Open Knowledge

Open Access

KnowledgeArc.Network provides a true open academic archiving system. Everyone can participate in the new decentralised ecosystem.

ARCH Token driving Open Knowledge


Our native Archive (ARCH) token is the native currency of the KnowledgeArc Network ecosystem. Users can pay for products and services with Archive and providers can earn Archive through interactions with the various archiving technologies.

Our Open Knowledge Ecosystem

The KnowledgeArc Network ecosystem consists of smart contracts, designed to store critical information about an archived asset. The asset and its metadata will be stored on a decentralised system too, utilising blockchain technology to ensure assets and metadata are permanently stored and easily retrieved, making for a truly open knowledge network.

Owners of archived items will be able to trade their works in open, decentralised markets, transferring ownership seamlessly.

Additional blockchains will be employed to provide services such as identity management, citations, persistence and other archive-related requirements.

The KnowledgeArc Network will utilise existing distributed technologies: for licensing and copyright, IPFS and Swarm for storage, OrbitDB for metadata. However, compatibility with legacy systems such as OrcID, and DOI will be supported easing the transition from centralised systems.

Our Vision

At KnowledgeArc Network, we’re passionate about ensuring the integrity and longevity of digital assets. We have been officially established in the archiving industry for 7 years now, providing infrastructure, support and customisation to leading institutions, government organisations and universities.

In an industry controlled by expensive software solutions and closed corporations, it’s always been our mission to provide high-quality, low-cost solutions which are open source and public access.

The blockchain offers a perfect solution to the problems faced by archiving; how to achieve immutability, persistence, longevity, uniqueness. Utilising blockchain for asset ownership, storage and identification guarantees permanence. By its nature, a blockchain-based archive is impervious to data-loss and attack by malicious parties, and is permanent.

We envision a fully distributed, democratised archiving ecosystem, free of corporate control and inexpensive to use. We call this the KnowledgeArc Network: a platform for storing, permanent digital assets and the metadata that describes them.


Archiving on the blockchain.


Traditional archive methodologies on the blockchain.


Connecting to existing, decentralised models.


Creating value for provides, consumers and users.


Open source: run your own archive.

July 2019 in review

July may have been light on news but there have been a lot of developments which will improve KnowledgeArc.Network’s technology moving forward. Using
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