Archive Token Launch

We have been quietly launching our new utility token, Archive (ARCH). Designed as method of exchange across KnowledgeArc.Network, Archive will be used to power the archiving ecosystem.


We have been working on the implementation of our Archive token for almost 12 months now. We have identified various use-cases which we have grouped into short, medium and long term goals.


Our short-term goal is to implement Archive into our existing technologies. Our parent company, KnowledgeArc will start to offering Archive as a form of payment for our archiving platform and supporting products and services. We will also be issuing tokens to existing customers as a way to incentivize them to use Archive tokens in a meaningful way.


Medium-term plans include a decentralized-based solution for backing up assets to an IPFS-powered cluster. Users can pay for backups using Archive and providers can add IPFS nodes to the cluster and be reimbursed in Archive.


Finally, long-term, we envisage our entire archiving ecosystem being powered by Archive. Staking, peer review, sidechain support, authentication; everything archive-related which requires a payment will be paid for in Archive.

Obtaining Archive (ARCH)

We want to make sure people can easily obtain Archive and so are engaging various exchanges. Because we are open source proponents and believe in the power of democratization of academic information, we will be focussing on decentralized exchanges in the first instance. However, this does not mean we will not approach the larger centralized exchanges in the future. We will keep you posted as to our progress.

New use-cases will present themselves as the KnowledgeArc.Network project evolves, but we also recognize that usability needs to be something that happens as soon as the token is launched.

More Information

Name: Archive
Symbol: ARCH
Total Supply: 1.25 Billion (fixed supply)

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