Archive Token (ARCH)

ARCH token

The Archive token (ARCH) is an ERC-20 contract deployed to the Ethereum blockchain and is used within the KnowledgeArc.Network ecosystem as a method of exchange; consumers can purchase services such as backups, peer review, 3rd party functionality and other solutions, and providers can earn Archive tokens by providing these decentralized services. For example, someone can provide a node to the KnowledgeArc.Network IPFS Cluster backup and a user looking for a backup solution can pay in Archive for the use of the provider’s resources. Read more about ARCH here:

Purchasing Archive Tokens

Archive is a utility token used to power the KnowledgeArc.Network platform and is not intended for speculation. As such, we recommend Archive tokens be obtained by organizations and individuals interested in participating in the KnowledgeArc.Network ecosystem. We also recommend you research our project extensively and make your own decision as to whether it is viable or not.

When purchasing Archive tokens please ensure Archive (ARCH) is listed with the contract address 0xC3c14CF95a4F97E18C8c1F9EA8dA7Ad4E8F81331.

Exchange Listings

We have provided a list of exchanges currently listing the Archive token:

Storing your Archive Token

It is your responsibility to ensure your Archive tokens are safely stored. KnowledgeArc.Network has no control over the tokens you have obtained.

Archive Token is an open source project

The smart contract powering Archive is publicly available on Gitlab and is licensed under the Gnu GPLv3 and can be forked and modified as long as it adheres to the requirements laid out in the public license.

However, only the official Archive token is used on the KnowledgeArc.Network platform. Please check the address listed above to ensure you are interacting with the correct ERC-20 token.